Revealing the Word of God to Lost Souls, Adults & Families

Reverend Dan Rushing is a Jacksonville native who has 38+ years’ experience ministering God’s word to lost souls, adults, youth, and families in crisis, prisons, and the homeless. Dan has a master’s degree from Florida State University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst, a published author, and an international speaker. He has conducted many workshops & seminars across the nation, dealing with healing for adults + children, family mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral and spiritual issues. Dan is an Ordained Minister with Revival Ministries International and is a Holy Ghost, on-fire Evangelist for Christ Jesus. He is the founder and president of IAM International, World Headquarters, in Leesburg Florida. Reverend Lynda Rushing, B.A., B.Ed., hails from Toronto, Canada. She is the past Chaplain of Northeast Florida State Hospital in Macclenny, FL. Lynda pastored five years in Kingston, Ontario with radio, television, Bible school, praise, and prison outreaches. Lynda has been involved in the field of mental health in the Florida State system for over sixteen years. She has authored many anointed youth curricula and books. (see the list on the services page) Lynda has been an Ordained Minister for about 40 years. Lynda adds, “ We met at a state mental institution and that’s why we’re crazy about each other.”

Lynda and I have been invited to minister all over the world!! We have always paid for all of our own travel and ministry expenses and have never charged anyone to have us share God’s Word at their Church. The reason we do this is that it is important for us not to respond to the financial incentive of an invitation, but to respond to what God is calling us to do. We are dependent upon God through the support of people like you to continue “running with the Fire of the Holy Ghost” and taking Revival “FIRE” to the Nations. Please could you partner with us? Any amount at any frequency would help us to keep “running with revival fire”. No amount is too small!! To partner with us now using Our Secure On-line giving option then click DONATE , visit the donate section of Or you may contact us at 28944 Hubbard St., #141 Leesburg, FL 34748, USA or call
+1 (352) 530-2518 to speak to us personally. Bless you for your giving!

I AM International

Signs, wonders and miracles are what we preach and what we get in our meetings. The Lord was drawing us to go to the nations. We have Vice-Presidents and ordained ministers in 5 continents, and many nations are now calling us. In this new wave of revival glory that is sweeping the Earth, God is releasing revelation knowledge for believers to operate in the realm of creative miracles and unusual signs and wonders. These are the days of the Holy Ghost, the days of the saints of God. He is restoring all that has been lost since the early Church and the Book of Acts, and He is also doing new things never recorded- unheard of exploits!

Now is the time for all His children to jump into the deep Heavenly water of the Holy Ghost and proclaim the Gospel with demonstration. It is about souls, souls, souls for the Kingdom of God. We are ordained thru Dr. Rodney Howard Browne’s ministry, Revival Ministries International. Lynda and I are available to speak at your church or gathering. Please contact us at
+1 (352) 530-2518 or e-mail us at

Friends- Eternity is in the balance for millions of souls. We must do our part like never before- giving more, praying more, proclaiming more that there is an Answer, the Way-maker, The Way, the Truth, the Life! The night is coming when no man can work, so shine the light of Christ within you while there is still hope. Don’t just go to church- be the Church!